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David Avocado Wolfe - wrapped in conspiracy belief and science illiteracy endorses flat Earth Written by Super User. Posted in Uncategorised. Dear Readers, It is unfortunate that folks whose lives are dominated by fear and mistrust so easily extend their mental world view to include conspiracy theories. AN American health expert who believes the Earth is flat and gravity is a hoax is flying to Australia to fling his anti-vaccine conspiracy theories around. Discover ideas about Trump Flat Earth. Flat Earth - David Avocado Wolfe. Trump Flat Earth Flat Earth Movement Back To Reality Flat Earth Society Flat Earth Proof Earth. Did David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe Post a Meme About Solar Panels Draining Light from the Sun? “Solar panels are not renewable, the light they absorb is lost forever,” he wrote, adding “like and. Flat Earth Tube is the only hub that self-hosts its entier Flat Earth Videos and Memes online. We don't rely on mainstream platforms.

The US raw food and herb spruiker who believes that gravity is toxic and that the Earth is flat, is also anti-vaccine. The 46-year-old Wolfe, who refers to himself as “the rock star and Indiana. David may be the cheesy lounge singer, but he's certainly not the one steering the boat. The anti-vax movement is dangerous, imho; its tentacles run deep and strong and it’s going to take a lot more than shutting David Wolfe up to fix that. And that brings me back to why d’Entremont and Wolfe’s other critics keep getting it so, so wrong.

Access the latest health and personal development news, strategies, recipes and tips. 02/12/2015 · David Wolfe Verified account @DavidWolfe The NutriBullet, Longevity Technology, Raw and Living Foods Nutrition, Superfoods, SuperHerbs, Earthing Technology, Spring Water, and Having THE BEST DAY EVER!

But that’s not how we fucking do things around here. And your first indication should have been when you clicked on an article entitled “5 Reasons Why Sharing a David Wolfe Meme Makes You an Asshole”, but that’s none of my business, so we’ll just be over. David Wolfe is also the guy who believes that chocolate is an octave of male sun energy, and this masculine octave of chocolate energy will come down from the sun and penetrate your heart. More on that later.

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